>Giving props to my fashion source: www.nikkimaria.blogspot.com

>I began my love of fashion in the 9th grade when I would rip the collors out of my t-shirts so they would sag like Madonna’s and add as many jelly braclets to my arms as I could.

From there it progressed on to looking like Amanda Woodward with smart skirts and outfits that screamed power and beauty were a good thing.

When I was introduced to Sex and the City I was once again drooling over fashion. Unsure of how to translate the beauty I saw on the show and began to discover in the pages of fashion magazines I expereimented with things here and there. I ebayed my closet full of all sorts of pretty things with matching purses and shoes. But I lacked the confidence and the know-how to pull a decent outfit together. That is until I “accidentally” became friends with a true godess of fashion Nikki. ( Nikki’s Blog

She showed me that I should find my own “style” my trying things. But the most important lesson of all is that she taught me how to “work it.” Whether running to the store or struting into work taking the time to look stunning was so worth it.

For those that know me, know that I am not a make up wearer and I rearly do anything with my hair that involves any sort of time. (Sleep is like air for me) But I am fashioning a routine that take no time at all!

For Christmas I got contacts so it gives me a blank slate to paint on (so to speak.) I go bold (but not too bold) on the eyes and they jump out atcha. All the rest just falls into place.

Also, I have a layered bob that allows me the freedom to do many styles depending on my mood or time. Last night (with the help of my motherinlaw) I curled my hair in plastic rollers and slept in it. When I woke up and took them out I had a head full of loose ringlets. Wa-la! My hair was done. 10 minutes for make-up, had my outfit layed out (jewlery, purse and shoes included) the night before. I chose a red button down slightly taylored shirt with a black belt and black knee lenght pencil skirt. I had black tights and my black mary jane 3 inch pumps. Added my silver (Christmas present) watch, thin silver bangle bracelts, silver butterfly necklace, silver earrings and I am out the door. Oh I almost for got my purse (a splurge from living in New Orleans) a Prada medium clutch. (I will post a pick of me and the out fit tonight).

Now, I would have never resolved to discover my inner diva if it weren’t for the orignal fashion diva Nikki. She is a editor, writer, blogger, fashionista and so much more. She inspires beauty in all no matter the size, shape or budget. She is the real deal. She is listed in my “top” friends as Editing Diva. Go check her and her blog out. It is totally worth the time!!

So I am going back to work where I feel confident (and am getting buku complements) and inspired.



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