>Rewind: 2/12/06 Article: "Fine Living, My Latest Addiction"

>While not a fashion article it is one about life style, which goes hand in hand with fashion. It too is published at Topsail-Island.info (great site and awesome place to live).

February 12, 2006

By: Shannon Anicas

Fine Living, My Latest Addiction

“Hello, my name is Shannon and I am a Fine Living Channel addict.” Yes, I love the channel DVR, which shows constantly. I dream of living the life. Right now my two main addictions are “Parings With Andrea” and “The Thirsty Traveler.” My husband I watch them religiously discussing the decadent foods, sights and spirits they sample in their shows. We have now vowed to print off Andrea’s Wine Lovers Pantry List and stock our cabinets with the must have ingredients that she always has on hand.

We also are trying new and delicious wines with every trip to Camp Lejeune’s Base Commissary. Local wines, American wines, and even a few foreign wines have crossed our palettes and we have loved them all. The newness of this old favorite is wonderful.

We especially enjoy two North Carolina Vineyards: Childress Vineyards (http://www.childressvineyards.com) and Duplin Winery (http://www.duplinwinery.com/). Both have wines for every occasion and meal, or just for celebrating. The combination of flavors and local originality makes for a winning combination. We are learning that wine is the perfect compliment for everything from stew to salsa and that its textures and aromas mix and enhance so many dishes.

The Thirsty Traveler is another great show that delves into worlds unknown while showing the great culinary finds, as well as the great alcohol choices of a country, city or region. From Chicha to Port to Scnapps, Kevin takes you into not only the local event, but into the secret vaults of the best spirits the world has to offer.

At first I thought that living on a Marine family’s fixed budget meant that I couldn’t experience the same things they show on either shows, but I found I was wrong. Andrea often shows it is not the cost of the wine that makes it good or bad, but what you eat with it that makes the wine. So go ahead and try the $10.00 Chardonnay, it is yummy.

As for the food, preparation usually only requires house-simple ingredients that compliment each other during the cooking process, allowing a richer flavor for every dish, making the meal more succulent without spending enormous fortunes on a gourmet chef or restaurant.

So check out both shows on the Fine Living Channel or go to http://www.fineliving.com for more details.



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