>The Howe House and its cross town move

>Today, the oldest residential building in Akron, The Howe House, is moving 2 blocks over 3 hours. Why is this significant? Because not only is it a major historical event, but it is pretty darn cool to watch. I have a great vantage point from my S. Main Street office.

Yesterday, I went down to its current location, the location that it has been sitting since it was built in 1836, and took pictures of it before it is gently moved to its new residence next to the Canal. (I will upload the pictures later today)

The move almost didn’t happen, but thanks to a grassroots effort to preserve this piece of Akron history made it happen. That is what is so amazing about the ‘little guy’ in this town, they often make big things happen.

I will be posting a story later with pictures and a brief history of the Howe house. Until then, I am back to watching it crawl to the canal.

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