China “exports” much more women than it “imports” | ChinaHush



Chinese brides account for 72% on average of the foreign wives South Korean men marry. In 2006, tens of thousands South Koreans married foreign women including around over 10 thousand Chinese girls. However, in the same year, only 2,590 Chinese men married Korean women. That means in the transnational marriages between China and South Korea China “exports” 4 times women than it “imports” which is equivalent to sending about 10 thousand Chinese women to South Korea and adding 10 thousand Chinese bachelors. So people often say humorously, in the past China sent those “volunteers” to support the Korea War and now China again sends “an army of women” to assist marriages in South Korea. But, who will come over to support Chinese men?

full article;China “exports” much more women than it “imports” | ChinaHush.


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