Walking the Minefield: Writing About China– Expat Corner | eChinacities.com

I have to agree with the author…its like walking a tightrope.



Sometimes writing about China can be a bit like walking through a minefield. All around you are people ready to jump on you for either being too harsh, or too critical. It might surprise some readers who consider me a “China hater” to learn that I’ve gotten a lot of flack on other, foreign-based websites for being an apologist, someone who makes excuses and defends what some consider indefensible about another country or government. I’ve been absolutely raked over the coals by fellow Americans for stating that I do not support any kind of independence movements in this country, or for saying that some policies that Westerners consider draconian do actually make sense in a Chinese context. On the other side of the spectrum, it is hard for any foreigner in China to make even slight criticisms (see my previous article about racism) about China without hearing from many irate Chinese citizens telling you that you ought to go home if you hate China so much, or implying that I must be happy when Chinese people die. Sometimes it feels like I truly can’t win. I’m too much of a China-lover for the folks back home, and too much of a critic for the folks over here.


Walking the Minefield: Writing About China– Expat Corner | eChinacities.com.


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