Chinese language becomes more and more popular in the world CCTV News – CNTV English

In Europe, the Chinese language has been regarded as difficult and hard to understand, but now more and more people around the world have begun to learn Chinese. As China’s international status is rising, foreigners want even more to learn Chinese and understand China. Ma Jiadan is a Russian girl who has been studying Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies University for more than eight months. Xue Bing went to meet her.

Meet Ma Jiadan. She is 22 years old. Nine months ago she came to China to study Chinese.

At first, she was taking a lot of time every day to learn Chinese, and now, she already can speak Chinese quite well.

Ma Jiadan, Foreign Student, said, “I like Chinese, I think Chinese is very pleasant, very beautiful. When I began to learn Chinese, I felt the writing was so difficult, so I spent more than 5 hours a day practicing, and now I do not think it is so hard.”

Although in her opinion, pronouncing words correctly is still quite a headache for her, she does pretty well. In her class, there are other foreign students that do as well as she does. They come from different countries, but all of them are interested in learning Chinese.

Article:Chinese language becomes more and more popular in the world CCTV News – CNTV English.


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