Blowing in the wind

High-Flyers from around the world recently traveled to home of the kite for a very special event

German kite enthusiast Andreas Fischbacher was in his element last weekend when he attended arguably the world’s most famous kite festival. The 24-year-old journeyed to Shandong province, for the 28th Weifang International Kite Festival, joining thousands of kite fliers from China and all over the world to the homeland of the kite.

“I was into kites when I was 10,” he grins. “My mother is a dress maker, showed me how to make and fly kites.”

“I have been to many international competitions all over the world, including Vietnam and Malaysia, and Weifang was a great experience.”

Kites do not have long history in Germany, he says, but is growing in popularity.

“There are around 80 kite associations and 10 festivals during a year. Some are international ones, which attract worldwide kite players,” Fischbacher says. “In Germany, it is a sport for everyone, from children to senior citizens.”

According to ancient Chinese texts, the kite was developed by the famous philosopher Mozi about 2,500 years ago and improved by a renowned carpenter Lu Ban in the 5th century BC.

At first, kites were used for military purposes and during the Southern Dynasty (AD 420-589), soldiers used kites to send rescue signals.

Full Article:Blowing in the wind.


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