Beijing Biking — Beijing Review

This is something I hope to do when I get to China. My biggest fear the the intersections….omg they are unnerving even when walking. it is like real life frogger!

China is a land of bicycles. At least it was back in 1992 when I traveled the country. Back then everyone seemed to ride a bicycle. Up and down Chang’an Avenue that runs across the center of the city you would see people on bicycles. Millions of them. And all bicycles were black and would only go as fast as you could pedal. Cars were rare. They were a presence on the busy streets but most citizens did not own one.

Yet since I arrived last year the opposite is true. Now there are millions of cars. In fact, every day they claim that 1,000 new cars are put on the road in Beijing alone.

But back to the bicycles. While they are outnumbered by cars, when you venture out to the outer ring roads of the city, people still use their bicycles to get around. It’s the fastest and cheapest way to travel.

Full Article: Beijing Biking — Beijing Review.


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