Remembered, Not Memorialized: May 4th, 1919

Remembered, Not Memorialized: May 4th, 1919

By Canaan Morse, published May 3, 2011, 11:31p.m…..

The events of the day 92 years ago that came to represent a thirty-year cultural sea change had nothing to do with democracy. The students who marched into Tian’anmen Square were protesting the unfair terms of Versailles, which gave Germany’s holdings in Shandong to the Japanese even after China had sent medical workers to France, and venting their frustration at a society they believed to be stagnated by Confucian ideology. The spirit of their unrest was not so different from that of the students ten years ago who, with government approval, protested whitewashing in Japanese textbooks….

Full Post: Remembered, Not Memorialized: May 4th, 1919.


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