My thoughts ~ Actress cut from Mao film for sex scenes in Lee thriller

I am usually non-confrontational on issues like this when it comes to the Chinese government. I have had a “its not my place to judge a government that isn’t mine to judge” policy when it came to PRC. But lately they have truly lost their collective minds.

I have friends their that I don’t want to be treated this way or persecuted because I say something PRC decides is offensive so I have stayed quiet. And the may not but I did not want to chance it.

But it has gotten ridiculous. With people like Wei AiAi and other artists being treated like it is the cultural revolution all over again. Haven’t they learned from the past? Did they not see what that horrible time did to the progress of the country? Can they not see that oppression of thought is stability suicide?

Now this actress being cut from a film is hardly comparable to disappearing like Wei and others but it is just as vital to the freedoms we are all born with. And i am not saying to revolt because that for china, is not possible due to the chaos it would create over all. Nevertheless, this needs to be addressed in a way that makes them take notice.

I have seen the movie they are referring to. I love the movie. Yes it is racy, yes their are sex scenes that would never get past our censors with out a NC17 rating but they are important to the story like. It is a movie about LUST hence the name “lust, caution”. kind of a warning about being careful what you lust because it never turns out the way you planned for anyone involved. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it, netflix has it on instant view. But again it is racy. so remember I warned you.

article:Actress cut from Mao film for sex scenes in Lee thriller.

(ps if my visa to study gets denied you know why)


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