Chinese Movie Project Ignites the Passion of Students’ Language Learning |

When I started to teach at my school, I found that even though most of my students were interested in learning Chinese, I felt that their enthusiasm for learning was not high enough. After doing research and much discussion with experienced teachers, I started to explore more effective ways to encourage middle and high school students to learn Chinese in a way that would be fun and motivate them to achieve higher levels of proficiency.

As a first step, I looked for opportunities to interact with my students and find out more about their interests and hobbies. I went to their soccer games and witnessed them coming to life on the playing field and finding their team spirit. I called their parents to find out what more I could do to peak their interest in learning Chinese and was taken aback to discover that most of my students already have great interest in learning beginning level Chinese. One parent told me that his children taught everyone Chinese at family gatherings. What a delightful surprise! I concluded that middle and high school students, in addition to wanting to spend time with their friends, are active and learn new things through practice and creative experiences.

One day, I heard some students complaining that the online textbook cartoons were not very good. “How would you do it?” I asked them. Many students started contributing answers to this question immediately. Some started to talk about video clips they’d like to see. All of a sudden, a meaningful and innovative activity emerged. The students and I began discussing the idea of a movie project. All of my classes were excited by the idea and their motivation to learn Chinese reached a new level.

full story Chinese Movie Project Ignites the Passion of Students’ Language Learning |


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