China Donates More than 200 Chinese Books to Cambodia

China Donates More than 200 Chinese Books to Cambodia.

China Donates More than 200 Chinese Books to Cambodia
   2011-05-25 12:36:06    Xinhua      Web Editor: liuranran

The Embassy of China here on Wednesday donated more than 200 Chinese language books to the Confucius Institute of the Royal Academy of Cambodia.

The hand-over ceremony was held at the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC) between Chinese ambassador Pan Guangxue and the RAC ‘ s president, Khlot Thyda.

The books include Chinese dictionaries, cultures, traditions, economics, politics, stories, sciences, poetries and so on, said Pan Guangxue.

“We hope that the books will help Cambodian students and researchers to learn and understand broadly about China,” he said.

“Besides helping Cambodia in social and economic development, China wishes to see flourishing cooperation with Cambodia on education and culture.”

Meanwhile, Khlot Thyda thanked China for both financial and technical supports to the RAC and said the book donation was a progressive step of cooperation between Cambodia and China on education.

“China is a country with glorious civilization and is the globe ‘ s second largest economy, so the study and research on Chinese cultures and scientific development are necessary to broaden knowledge for learners and researchers,” she said.


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