Education key to familiarizing U.S. with Korea By Park Min-young , Korea Herald correspondent

~we need to have more centers like this from other nations. I am hoping Cleveland develops something like this soon .



King Sejong Institute, taekwondo classes in schools and LAPD Korean culture workshops well-received in L.A.

LOS ANGELES ― “Maewoyo? (Is it spicy?) Anmaewoyo! (No, it is not spicy)” chanted around 80 students in King Sejong Institute Los Angeles’ Basic A Class this month, voices loud and clear. When they got the hang of the phrases, they were assigned to do a little dialogue at a Korean restaurant with their partners. 

The ages, nationalities and purposes for learning Korean of the students were diverse. A Taiwanese student Patty Huang told The Korea Herald that she joined the class as she became interested in Korean culture while studying abroad in L.A. Anne Jokiaho from Finland said she is learning the language for her fianc, who is Korean. 

“I started to learn Korean to communicate with his family and I am finding similarities between his culture and mine, like food,” said Jokiaho. 

Grace Bang, a Korean-American college student who was learning about the nightlife in Dongdaemun in the Advanced Class, said that she is learning Korean to talk to her parents and relatives. 

“They spoke to me in English when I grew up so there was no problem in communicating with them. But I want to become fluent in Korean so that I could talk to my relatives and my friends’ parents … that generation,” said Bang. 

Though their reasons were different, all were eager to learn. Teachers were kept busy even during break times as students endlessly came up to ask questions about what they just learned. 

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