Parts of classic Chinese painting reunited after 360 years of separation


TAIPEI, June 1 (Xinhua) — Visitors coming to Taipei’s Palace Museum between the months of June and September will be able to view a classic Chinese painting in its original form for the first time since it was broken into two pieces 360 years ago.

“Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains,” a painting by famous Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Gongwang, was damaged in a fire and broken into two halves in 1650.

After changing hands several times, the right side of the painting ended up in the Chinese mainland’s Zhejiang Museum, while the left side of the painting found a home in Taipei’s Palace Museum.

An exhibition for the newly reunited painting opened in the Palace Museum on Wednesday and will run until Sept. 25 this year.

The left part of the painting was among some 600,000 items moved by the Kuomintang (KMT) government to Taipei from Beijing’s Forbidden City before the KMT fled to Taiwan in 1949. These relics were used to found the Palace Museum in 1965.

The scroll-style painting vividly depicts the banks of the Fuchun River in Zhejiang Province during the autumn season. It is regarded as one of the greatest examples of traditional Chinese landscape painting.。。。Parts of classic Chinese painting reunited after 360 years of separation.



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