Hub braces for late passengers on bullet trains — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New

Hub braces for late passengers on bullet trains — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 — English Window to China New.

SHANGHAI is drafting emergency plans to help late-arriving passengers reach home by public transport, after the high-speed train service between Shanghai and Beijing goes into operation later this month, local authorities said yesterday.

And a temporary coordinating office will be set up at the Hongqiao Transport Hub to tackle any possible emergency situation during the initial operation of the high-speed route.

Officials with the Hongqiao Business District Management Committee said the departure intervals of buses heading to downtown areas will be shortened between 10pm and 11pm, a peak time for passengers arriving at the Hongqiao Railway Station.

In addition, Metro lines serving the station will retain their peak-time departure frequency during that period to cater to the sudden rush of passengers.

About two-thirds of the 90 planned trains will arrive at Hongqiao station, which is expected to receive 100,000 more passengers every day. The current daily passenger flow is around 120,000.

If the high-speed trains are delayed and more than 3,000 people affected, extra Metro trains will be put into service even though the Metro operation will have been over by then, said the committee.

Metro Line 2 and 10 connect to the railway station, and the last train now leaves the station at 11:20pm. Passengers on the last high-speed train, which arrives late at the station, will be allowed to get on the Metro first and they can pay when they get off at their subway station.

If only a few passengers after 11:20pm, the hub will provide more taxis or night buses, as an extra subway train would be a waste, said the committee.

The measures are aimed at avoiding a repeat of last December’s chaos when nearly 2,000 passengers were stranded at the station after their trains were delayed due to snow and there were not enough taxis or buses available.

In addition, railway officials can contact the coordinating office in advance if trains are delayed to report the passenger number and delay time. The office will help arrange appropriate transport plans


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