i love Jade ~ Jade carved in Shanghai style unveiled in Beijing CCTV News – CNTV English

Jade carved in Shanghai style unveiled in Beijing CCTV News – CNTV English.

Now, as you may know, Chinese people love jade. Scholars say the affection goes back as far as the Neolithic Age. Having that much legacy, jade carvings are not simply for decoration. They are a widely revered art form in the country.

And now artists from Shanghai have brought their unique styles to their counterparts and jade lovers here in Beijing.

Shanghai-style jade carving goes back to the 1840s. The last 160 years have seen Shanghai artists take the legacy and imbue it with their own features. They have been influenced not only by China’s traditional art like shadow puppets and paper-cutting, but also western art forms like oil painting, sculpture and photography. And it’s clearly seen in a contrast with Beijing style known for its delicacy and rich colors.

Jade carving artist said, “Whether the carving is about natural scenery or a portrait, the key is to express your heart and your feelings.”

And the carving depends on what you’ve got on hand. You won’t get the same stone a second time, so each design is tailored for each work. And one mistake, even a small one, could spoil the entire piece.


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