Hanyu pinyin not at odds with traditional Chinese characters: Ma – CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Hanyu pinyin not at odds with traditional Chinese characters: Ma – CNA ENGLISH NEWS.



Taipei, June 18 (CNA) Hanyu pinyin, the system used to romanize Chinese characters in China, and the promotion of traditional Chinese characters are not in conflict, Presidential Office spokesman Fan Chiang Tai-chi said Saturday in response to criticism from opposition politicians. 

“Hanyu Pinyin is to help foreigners living in Taiwan distinguish the sounds of words and one of Taiwan’s internationalization tools. The promotion of traditional characters is to preserve Chinese culture,” Fan said. 

“They not only don’t conflict, they are positive directions that should be promoted,” he said, in response to the Democratic Progressive Party’s criticism that adopting the two systems was contradictory. 

Hanyu pinyin, which is already widely accepted across the globe, is a good tool to help Taiwan connect to the world and has nothing to do with a pro-China stance, Fan added. 

“The DPP should not politicize every government policy,” he urged. 

President Ma Ying-jeou recently ordered that all government websites must use traditional characters, after the Tourism Bureau was called out for using simplified characters on its website to cater to tourists from China. 

Fan said advocating traditional characters is a firm policy, and the government also does not encourage shops to use simplified characters to draw Chinese visitors, because traditional characters preserved in Taiwan should be more appealing to them. 

“President Ma firmly insists on using traditional characters in Taiwan and hopes to create more chances for Chinese people to appreciate their beauty and profound meaning through increased exchanges across the Taiwan Strait,” he added. (By S.H. Lee and Flor
Wang) enditem/ls



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