Are they like us?


Well, this is my last post on this page for a little. I begin my journey to Kaifeng, China at 430am EST, so I will be off the grid for a few weeks.

As I am about to embark on college life in another country on the other side of the world, that has a different political system and value system then us; I wonder: are Chinese college students like us?

I stumbled on to this page today and realized that yuppers they sure are….lol








More Pics here: China Porky’s: Chinese Students Revenge, 110 pics –


Learning: \\\’Poor baby\\\’ in Chinese – hǎo kě lián! – 好可怜! – Study More Chinese

Okay so that picture is most likely a Japanese Sumo and I realize that this is a Chinese Mandarin site but what the hell, I liked the picture.

via Learning: \\\’Poor baby\\\’ in Chinese – hǎo kě lián! – 好可怜! – Study More Chinese.

One of my favorite things to say when I was learning Spanish was pobrecita meaning poor baby (girl). It can be used seriously or more importantly, it can be used in a sarcastic manner when someone was whining about something. Needless to say, I have been looking for a mandarin equivalent.

The first I got was kě lián可怜 – which I was using for a while until I did a online translation that included kě lián. It translates into pitiful, pathetic, wretched and meager. Much harsher than I usually intend to use it.

Luckily for us, I asked my new language exchange friend what I could say that might not be so harsh.

If you want to say ‘So Sad’ try these;
hǎo shāng xīn! 好伤心!
hǎo nán guò! 好难过
hǎo kě lián! 好可怜!
tai shāng xīn le! 太伤心了!

Or if you need to tell a kid that ‘it’s okay’ use these;
méi shì 没事
méi shì de 没事的

And last but not least, if you have to give counsel to a poor sweetheart like the kid who just got snubbed while trying to give a flower ( huā) to Megan Fox, you can say ‘Don’t be sad’;
bié nán guò – 别难过
bié nán guò le – 别难过了
bù yòng nán guò – 不用难过

Poor kid! hǎo kě lián!好可怜!

The Science and History of the Asian Squat |

I came across this today on and had to read it. It is something my friends who have been to china joke about needing to practice for our toilet limbering. But i had never fully thought about what it actually was or how it was really done….this is a fun and fascinating way to learn more about this very useful stance。


The Asian squat. I’ve always been able to do it naturally. For those of you who don’t know, the Asian squat is when you have both feet on the ground, butt touching ankles and knees spread wide. I’ve always done it but the first time I really noticed others doing it was when I went to Bali. Every street I walked down, there were lines and lines of men and women doing the Asian squat asking me if I wanted to buy women, drugs, and/or tourist crap. I almost forgot–in one hand they always had a cigarette and/or a beer. Sometimes both.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Check out Daniel Hsia’s amazing video, “How to do the Asian Squat” [2002].

Full story The Science and History of the Asian Squat | Discrimination |

Fun post at Seoul Eats: My Ode to Korean Corn Icecream (PS is it very yummy!)

Seoul Eats: My Ode to Korean Corn Icecream.



The concept seems Alien to my westernized mind, but the yellow wrapper draws me in.
Maybe it is possible for corn and dessert to be one.
Maybe, possibly, inscrutably
As I undress you, I am struck instantly by your bulbous kernels.
No, you are not just the flavor, the jewels of the stalk are there.
You are like a woman with a prominent mustache (I try not to look, but I sneak a peek.)
As I move in for a nibble, the kernel stares back at me…longingly
I almost pull away
drop the stem and leave you as you slowly melt into a cornish puddle on the walk.
But as much as I am repulsed, I am intrigued.
I move in and grab a cold kernel that is imbedded in light corn cream.
The chewy kernel slowly warms in my mouth as my teeth grind away at the hull.
Not my favorite, but I will finish you off.
You are something that everyone should experience
for you make life…

LMAO!!! So true!!! 13 Stages Of Using Chopsticks |






13 Stages Of Using Chopsticks |

The Chinese Shirt Roll (13 pics) | | Pig Your Way Through A… – StumbleUpon

When I was in China I noticed this fashion trend. My only question is why don’t guys with abs follow this ever appealing look?

Link:The Chinese Shirt Roll (13 pics) | | Pig Your Way Through A… – StumbleUpon.

Chinese couple marry in ceremony inspired by British royal wedding | World news | The Guardian

UMM wow!!?!

Lavish wedding celebrations are becoming increasingly popular in Chinaand the industry is said to be growing by as much as 20% a year.

While the legal procedures are a bargain – it costs less than a pound to register a marriage – banquets can include hundreds of guests. A growing number of wealthy couples have added ceremonies, which can mix western or old-fashioned Chinese rituals with a dash of the unexpected – such as Mickey Mouse appearing to help with proceedings

Article: Chinese couple marry in ceremony inspired by British royal wedding | World news | The Guardian.

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