The Lastest Invation into North Korea? K-pop!

According to the website  The K-pop Wave that has been sweeping
Europe and all of Asia has jumped the fence into North Korea.

Can this be the diplomatic event that could
bring the peninsula back together? I don’t know but I am happy to watch them
try….for hours and hours…

Heres the scoop:

South Korean pop music, or K-pop, has reportedly
started to gain popularity in North Korea.Despite a stern crackdown by the North’s security authorities, many people in
the North led by the children of high-income families are learning the latest
South Koreanfolk songs and dance, news reports say.Introducing this trend, the U.S.-based Radio Free Asia said Tuesday, “Names
of South Korean dance groups, such as Girls’ Generation’ and Big Bang are no
longer unheard of in North Korea.”

A Chinese trader who frequently visits North Korea told the broadcaster,
“South Korean dance fever is sweeping young people in Pyongyang,” adding, “A
homemaker of a well-heeled family asked me to get a Girls’ Generation CD to her

The Radio Free Asia report said dance is so popular among children of the
North`s rich and powerful in their teens and 20s living around Pyongyang’s
Junggu or Daedong River districts. Rumors also suggest that “those who cannot
dance disco cannot play with other children.”

Private lessons for dance have gotten popular, and tutors even teach dance
and singing at homes and exercise rooms for 20 U.S. dollars per month.

The trader said, “These days, homemakers of rich households don`t tell their
children to learn the accordion or another instrument, and are more interested
in teaching modern dance entailing both dance and singing.”

The children of senior North Korean officials who attend prestigious schools
such as Kim Il Sung University and Pyongyang Commercial University are enjoying
South Korean and Western music by dodging the relatively loose crackdown on
them, he said.

“Hallyu,” or the Korean Wave of South Korean pop culture, has been repeatedly
confirmed by North Korean defectors. With more South Korean dramas and music CDs
flowing into the North via the North Korea-China border, chances are high that
famous South Korean singers, including girl groups, will enjoy increased
visibility, experts say.

An official at Hanawon, a state-run training center assisting North Korean
defectors to settle in the South, said, “Many North Korean students really like
South Korean songs and dance, and they easily follow South Korea’s singing and
dancing,” adding, “Dance performances staged in the trainees’ completion
ceremony at Hanawon is just as impressive as performances by South Korean
singers or students.”

North Korean authorities are stepping up their crackdown on hallyu, with one
saying, “The inflow of external trends, including the Korean Wave, should be

Pyongyang apparently believes that external winds of this nature could pose a
stumbling block to consolidating the structure of power succession for heir
apparent Kim Jong Un.

In a visit to Shinuiju early last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il
reportedly criticized his country`s fashion and social disorder by saying,
“North Pyongan Province has become a dance hall of capitalism.” He then ordered
a stronger crackdown.


I love when I accidentally find great music! NeeHaoMag & Beilei

While reading on a new magazine i am enjoying NeeHaoMag I found this awesome artist Beilei. So I searched on Youtube and found her videos there. She is awesome! Check her out!!

YouTube – ‪shannonanicas’s Channel & New Trip blog.‬‏

YouTube – ‪shannonanicas’s Channel‬‏.

I have begun going through my videos from my trip to china and korea and editing them into a reasonable watchable format. I will be posting them as they get uploaded.

Also, you can check out the blog that is specifically about my travels last year and (hopefully) this year. Wandering Waiguoren

Chinese Movie Project Ignites the Passion of Students’ Language Learning |

When I started to teach at my school, I found that even though most of my students were interested in learning Chinese, I felt that their enthusiasm for learning was not high enough. After doing research and much discussion with experienced teachers, I started to explore more effective ways to encourage middle and high school students to learn Chinese in a way that would be fun and motivate them to achieve higher levels of proficiency.

As a first step, I looked for opportunities to interact with my students and find out more about their interests and hobbies. I went to their soccer games and witnessed them coming to life on the playing field and finding their team spirit. I called their parents to find out what more I could do to peak their interest in learning Chinese and was taken aback to discover that most of my students already have great interest in learning beginning level Chinese. One parent told me that his children taught everyone Chinese at family gatherings. What a delightful surprise! I concluded that middle and high school students, in addition to wanting to spend time with their friends, are active and learn new things through practice and creative experiences.

One day, I heard some students complaining that the online textbook cartoons were not very good. “How would you do it?” I asked them. Many students started contributing answers to this question immediately. Some started to talk about video clips they’d like to see. All of a sudden, a meaningful and innovative activity emerged. The students and I began discussing the idea of a movie project. All of my classes were excited by the idea and their motivation to learn Chinese reached a new level.

full story Chinese Movie Project Ignites the Passion of Students’ Language Learning |

Fox International Announces Chinese Film Development Award (Cannes) – The Hollywood Reporter

Recipients will receive a cash grant and a first-look deal with the studio.

CANNES — Fox International Productions and the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) have announced the creation of the annual Fox Chinese Film Development Award, which is accompanied by a first-look deal with the studio and a cash grant of HK$100,000.

The award is part of FIP’s latest effort to break into the local-language film business in the worlds’ fastest growing movie market.“We believe that there is a wealth of unrealized filmmakers in China,” FIP president Sanford Panitch said during a press conference in Cannes. “One of the goals of FIP is about finding this talent and introducing them to the rest of the world.”

Submissions are open to any Chinese-language project, or a project with the potential to be adapted into a Chinese-language film. They can be submitted by the copywriter of the project, whether a director, producer, writer or other talent.

The call for entries is open from now through Oct. 30. Projects will be judged based on their creativity, originality and Asian cultural content, as well as their potential for being made into a full-length feature.

Five projects will be shortlisted. The first winner will be announced at the HAF awards ceremony in March 2012.

“We are most grateful to Fox for their award,” said Roger Garcia, executive director of the Hong International Film Festival society, which oversees HAF. “Fox’s decision to make their award at HAF shows that Hong Kong continues to be the hub our our region’s cinema.”

Now in its 10th year, HAF supports cinema culture in the Asian region by selection projects from various countries to take part in the three-day event. HAF funding and awards have contributed to more than 50 film projects, many of which have have gone on to play at major film festivals and secure distribution.

The Fox Chinese Film Award comes as Hollywood studios amp up their efforts to make Chinese co-productions, and take part in the moviegoing boom in China.

FIP’s first mandarin-language co-production, Hot Summer Days, made in 2009 with Beijing-based partners Huayi Brothers, was shot for $2.4 million and grossed $22 million.  A sequel is in the works and FIP hopes soon to be able to announce its 2011 release in China.

FIP’s second China foray, The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman, also with Huayi, cost less to make (under $1 million) and made less back (about $3 million), but exceeded the studio’s expectations by launching an unknown director with great potential, Panitch says.

Director Wuershan, an ethnic minority from China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, moved from his feature debut with FIP to direct the sequel to the 2008 hit Painted Skin, from Hong Kong director Gordon Chan, that grossed about $33 million at China’s box office.

“With the directors we’re finding, it’s not about the future, it’s about now,” Panitch said in an earlier interview, noting that Wuershan’s debut film The Butcher would help form the first slate of films launching the recently announced Fox World Cinema label.

Jonathan Landreth reported from Beijing.

From:Fox International Announces Chinese Film Development Award (Cannes) – The Hollywood Reporter.

2NE1 Announces ‘Global Event’ via @gokpop

2NE1 and YG present a ”Global Event’ for fans with an amazing prize.

2NE1 has introduced their first ‘Global Event’ just like Big Bang.

In this case fans will have to make a cover of their new single ‘Lonely’ and upload it on YouTube. Since YG is promoting this event creativity is a must.

All 2NE1 fans in the world can participate in this event, it does not matter where you are or your nationality, and can make an individual or group cover. The ones who want to join will have to post a comment on their official event site HERE and attach the video with the tittle ‘2NE1 LONELY COVER CONTEST’. The contest is already open and will finish on June 21st.

via @gokpop 2NE1 Announces ‘Global Event’.

My latest discovery! ~

No it isn’t a soju site (all though i love the stuff) it is a movie site silly! Watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese Drama and Movie online!.

Ok so I have been hearing alot about korean dramas and how several of my kpop faves are in them so i decided to do a search to see if i could find any. This little treasure is what I found. And so far the ones i have been drooling watching have been english subtitled.

My first taste of Korean drama?

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